Letter to the editor: We are just trying to make a living

Ron & Mary Seibel
Letter to the Editor

Just read John Newton's story "More negative PPDs, de-pooling reignite FMMO debate on PPDs" (Dec. 17).

I do not think it is fair to penalize us dairy farmers that send our milk to cheese plants.

Why did we not get a better price when Class I was higher? Also, this milk check we had a $7,000 deduction.

We are milking 70 cows, which means before we put the milkers on we are $100.00 in the hole. Where in the world is it OK to even out the price?

How would you like it if they took out $110.00 off of your check and gave it to someone making less? If that is what they are really doing with this money.

Just trying to make a living.

Essential farmers,

Ron & Mary Seibel 

Bloomer, WI