Time to represent WI farmers, not the power elites in D.C.

Colleen Kottke
Wisconsin State Farmer
Letter to the Editor

Congressman Ron Kind is quick to point blame to others on why Wisconsin farmers are under economic stress (Kind: Perdue ignored Wisconsin farmers, Aug. 19). However, instead of Kind conducting political grandstanding, he and other Democrat congress representatives should get off their high horses and get the USMCA approved.

Trade with Mexico and Canada are vastly more important to Wisconsin farmers right now than with China. The USMCA modernizes and corrects the decades old NAFTA.  The USMCA would especially be a boon for Wisconsin farmers and other US farmers as well.

We need bi-partisan congressional action that benefits us. Not the constant political gamesmanship selfish congressional temper tantrums where the Democratic Party refuses to give President Trump a win. It is the best interests of Wisconsin farmers you are supposed to be representing, not the Washington DC power elites, Congressman Kind.

It is time for all Wisconsin congressmen, no matter if there is an R or D behind your name to get the USMCA passed.

David Gneiser

Berlin, WI