Letter: Does photo show parallel to dairy industry in distress?

Andrew Derstine
Letter to the Editor

I and my family are organic dairy farmers and enjoy the privilege. I marvel at the Creator God who made so many complex diversities of life.

The ability of life to reproduce is a marvelous witness that God cares about the future. Reproduction is always found in God's plan.

The front cover photo on the March 8 edition of the Wisconsin State Farmer of (March 8) (How four family dairy farms in Wisconsin are fighting to survive) showing two married women was so disappointing.

What future is in a sterile union? Was that photo supposed to make a parallel to the dairy industry in distress...that there is no future?

I have found God to be a Friend who smiles when I follow His plan. On the other hand, when I am proud and take my own way, He loves me enough to put roadblocks in my path because He cares about my future.

I will be praying for you.

Andrew Derstine

Oconto, WI