Letter to the editor: DNR is finally taking action on manure

Gracie Englebert

The battle between environmentalists and CAFO operators in Door and Kewaunee counties has been raging for years. While the Jan. 23 article initially gives the impression that this battle may be drawing to a close, stating that the “DNR board rein[ed] in manure spreading,” the proposed policies are actually in their infancy.

Letter to the Editor

Although the DNR is finally taking action, what has the board been doing for the last six years? According to the DNR’s List of Impaired Waters, the Kewaunee, East Twin and Ahnapee rivers have all earned a spot on the compilation since 2012. Additionally, DNR records confirm four infractions by Kewaunee County’s Kinnard Farms alone since 2010.

Citizens throughout Door and Kewaunee counties have been subjected to manure-infected surface, well, and groundwaters capable of carrying over 130 pathogens. This being said, it is the responsibility of well-informed residents to advocate for local change and to demand the execution of policymaker’s recent proposals.

At the same time, it is the responsibility of policymakers to ensure the safety of citizens, rather than allowing years of environmental abuse to happen before taking action.

Gracie Englebert