Milk, a noun

Wisconsin State Farmer
Rep. Peter Welch, D-VT, has written to the FDA asking that alternative products to dairy such as soy- and almond-derived beverages be banned from using the world “milk.”

An opaque white fluid, rich in protein and fat, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.

Pretty straight forward definition of what the dairy industry produces for the benefit  of the consumer.

Now, the other things produced should be called - Nut Juice or White Stuff in a container that is trying to look or make consumers think, feel or emulate taste that they are drinking milk. They are not drinking milk - they are drinking/consuming Nut Juice that is white or some other adulterated substance that is white.

Since I have provided the definition of milk and you may also do the due diligence, you will find as I have: Milk is milk - everything else is something else.

Every dairy farmer, dairy farm organization, dairy state, cheese manufacturer, distributor, hauler, all the other industries that depend on this multi-billion dollar industry - should do the one thing that would protect the name of their product and maybe save their industry. Do like other major corporations, when their turf/profits/existence is in harm's way. They sue them.  

They go to Washington D.C and hire the best, most skilled, and probably the most expensive Law Firm and sue those companies and or organizations that are in the process of trying to destroy their business.

So, in closing I would say again - milk is milk - and the dairy industry should not stand on the sideline and hope for help from the government or someone else. It is a lawsuit that will help others understand that you are producing and selling milk - others are selling white stuff and stealing your profits and maybe your existence.

Fight for what is yours and don't give up until you have won.   
Chuck Rhein

Brownsville, Wisconsin