Believe climate scientists for our grandkids

Mark Sesing
Ag is a global market

Ninety-five percent of climate scientists, usually regarded as pretty smart people, believe the earth’s climate is heading toward a major crisis. Then why is our state government burying the evidence by erasing “manmade climate change” references from the DNR’s web pages? Seems like a form of book burning going on, a tactic old as dirt.

Why does the governor want to shutter Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, a stalwart of education? Burying magazines and bleaching websites obstructs our right to knowledge.

Closer to home, during Winnebago’s sturgeon opener, I wondered if the shanty towns built on family traditions are destined to be lost for our children and grandchildren because the ice is too thin, too unpredictable, or simply gone? The trend is clear in the data and evidence.

There is one month less ice on Lake Mendota and Big Green Lake than in 1860. That decline in ice cover has occurred during the last 150 years, not thousands of years (like in a natural climate cycle). Turtles and trees live that long. Lakes with cool water fish are predicted to shift to warm water species like bass. That is what the science is telling.

Blowing smoke rings around climate science doesn’t work for any of us, especially the grandkids. Most of us won’t be here to answer to them when they ask “Why didn’t you bet on us?”

Mark Sesing