Letter: Shrink demand to resolve illegal immigration

Wisconsin State Farmer

There is an easier way of deterring illegal immigration, one fraught with fewer dangers of backlash, but one that stands little chance of implementation.

Instead of addressing the supply side of the economic equation, let’s address the demand side. For every illegal immigrant discovered at Tyson, Apple, Walmart, vegetable and fruit farms in California and dairy farms in Wisconsin, a fine of $50,000 will be assessed.

Yes, dairy farms in Wisconsin; without Mexican workers, it would be impossible to continue dairy production. Moreover, would American workers accept such jobs? Would they even be qualified?

I believe the immigration problem would be resolved and quickly without retaliation from foreign countries, most prominently Mexico. Moreover, the probable outcome of fines would be long-awaited sensible legislation on immigration. This is similar to the war on drugs; you are never going to win it by restricting supply; only shrinking demand will resolve the problem.

Ron Marks