Stop vilifying our president's immigration action

Wisconsin State Farmer

Elitists of the entertainment industry have loudly displayed their disapproval of President Trump's stand on immigration issues. They proudly pound their chests in protest while shouting out, "Welcome to their America!" These people of privilege, who live comfortable lives in well-secured homes, are actually incredibly naive. They believe their families are protected from terrorist threats and activity. Make no mistake. They have no protection against monsters who consider all Americans "infidels."

Have they forgotten that "their America" has already been scorched by seemingly friendly immigrants who came in as visitors or students, but wound up as perpetrators of atrocities the likes of which America has never before seen? They blew up our World Trade Center, our Pentagon and The Boston Marathon. They crash into innocent Americans and commit dastardly deeds of monstrous proportion. And then they recruit our ignorant young people to help them kill us.

I speak as a first-generation American, whose parents and grandparents had to be properly sponsored and go through rigorous medical testing before being allowed to step one foot onto American soil. Whatever happened to that form of vetting?

President Trump is calling for extreme vetting. He is going to build a wall and put other deterrents in place that will make it harder for the monsters to enter. He should be praised for his actions, not vilified by naive people who haven't a clue how to handle the safety of our nation. President Trump and all of us welcome immigrants who come through the vetting process and follow the rules of our country. That is all he asks of them, and shame on anyone who would march against our elected American president, who is working hard to keep his promises. The most important one is to keep America safe.

Gloria Moyer, Des Moines, IA