America must be restored

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To The Editor:

I am writing out of concern that America must be restored. It developed the most successful living standards and civilization in history but is now rapidly approaching collapse from cultural diversity, refugee taking, immigration, and outsourcing. The methods it used until the 1970s that kept it strong have been lost and must be revived.

Most immigrants and refugees entering America are from non-democracies with incompatible cultures. They simply want endless free aid and often publically state desire, even duty, to implement their cultures and laws in America rather than assimilate even though they have a responsibility to do so. Multiple polls and surveys confirm this. Most consider having kids a method to gain support payments and overwhelm the U. S. Populace to insert their ways.

At least 172 cultures and languages are dividing America. Many cities already resemble Asia and/or Mexico. Unlawful immigrants, outlaws without rights for being here illegally, cost taxpayers at least $6.3 trillion yearly. History has endlessly proved all nations that did not enforce assimilation, worked to accommodate minorities, and turned diverse or multicultural by taking infinite immigrants and refugees who wanted their ways from anywhere have collapsed.

Outsourcing is ruining the U. S. Economy and helping other nations by surrendering jobs, money, and resources. It destroyed 3.2 million jobs in 2001 alone driving Americans into poverty and homelessness.

It is time to stand-up and revive America. The solution is to use the power of numbers on petitions to bring back what worked for America in the past and stop its downfall today.

I ask all U. S. citizens to help. I and a colleague have built many petitions including: Ban Entry into America and Close the Borders, to stop illegal immigration and, Reverse and Outlaw all American Outsourcing, to recover jobs.

Please sign and spread each petition through Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. They are available on the petition2congress website and ALPHA00102 YouTube/Dailymotion pages.

By working together We The People can revive the founding principles that America was built on. This will restore U. S. greatness and the freedoms and happiness that we all enjoy.


Kyle Henrichs

Anaconda, MT