Stop the brain washing

Now Media Group

Dear Editor:

Dairy farmers have been brain washed for years from dairy processors to dairy economist that they have to produce milk and take whatever price they receive and then sit down, shut up, and work for nothing.

Why the brain washing? Because it was simple and effective.

The Capper Volstead Act of 1922 allows farmers to become price makers not price takers. The Capper Volstead Act allows farmers to unite to price their production.

Dairy Pricing Association is one such organization. Our members stand together to raise the farm milk price by removing product from the market. We help each other by under taking projects like fortifying bottled milk to the California standards, which improves taste and nutrition. We buy cheese and bottled milk and give it to the homeless.

Dairy Pricing Association has the potential to buy at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Just that idea is enough to raise the price when the market is allowed to drop when no product is traded. Many dairy farmers have been united in Dairy Pricing Association who have learned what can be done when dairy farmers band together instead of working alone.

We the dairy producers signing this letter want the brain washing to stop along with over 400 Dairy Pricing Association members from 10 states. We are for truth in the Dairy Industry.

John Burkholder, Shippensburg, PA

John Hammond, Taylor, WI

Derek England, Edina, MO

Tom Olson, Black River Falls, WI

Abner L. Stoltzfus, Peach Bottom, PA

Dustin Anderson, Mindoro, WI

Abner P. Stoltzfus, Millersburg, PA