Farm groups welcome additional financial support


Farm groups welcomed Gov. Tony Evers announcement of an additional $50 million in financial support for farmers to aid in the recovery from the pandemic.

"As farmers continue to work through challenges from COVID-19, severe weather and general commodity price variability, any assistance is welcome to Wisconsin farm families and the rural economy," said Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Kevin Krentz. "We appreciate Governor Evers acknowledging the needs of the farming community and providing an additional $50 million in direct payments to support farmers through a new round of the Wisconsin Farm Support Program."

Dairy farmer and Wisconsin Farm Bureau Vice President Kevin Krentz.
Amy Penterman

“We thank Governor Evers for understanding the conditions in agriculture and the harsh impact this pandemic has had on the farming community. Our farmers have remained committed to their vital purpose of producing food and we appreciate that the governor is showing a commitment to help,” said Amy Penterman, president of DBA, which represents dairy farms of all sizes along with related businesses throughout the state.

Gov. Evers noted that the money will be dispersed as direct payments through the Wisconsin Farm Support Program, which he created in 2020 when allocating $50 million to farmers from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The new funds will come from money allocated to the state earlier this year through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Applications for the payments will open after the fall harvest. Details were not announced. In the first round of funding last year, each recipient received up to $3,500.