Cattlemen's group welcomes return of gray wolf to state management

Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association
Decision on delisting the gray wolf is still being debated

The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association applauded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s announcement of a successful recovery of the gray wolf population in the State of Wisconsin and the Western Great Lakes region and the corresponding return of wolf management to the state level.

Wisconsin has far exceeded its goal for a sustainable and recovered wolf population, which has significantly increased stress on Wisconsin producers who have seen a steady increase in wolf depredations and stress-related effects on cattle health as a result of the large and growing wolf population numbers in the state.

"This announcement will enable Wisconsin producers to work with wildlife management at the state level to control the effect that our robust wolf population is having on cattle populations in affected areas of the state,” said Matt Ludlow, President of the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association. “Wisconsin cattle farmers are committed to the responsible and cooperative management of our state’s gray wolf population.”

Ludlow says the action allows the WCA to continue to work in partnership with state wildlife managers to ensure a continued stable wolf population while mitigating stress on cattle and livestock in the State of Wisconsin.