NMPF applauds additional food-box funding

Jim Mulhern

The National Milk Producers Federation applauded USDA for deciding to fund an additional $500 million for combination food boxes to be delivered through the end of the year. The Farmers to Families Food Box program has delivered approximately $1 billion worth of dairy products to needy Americans since this spring.

The Farmers to Families Food Box program has proven to be an effective benefit both for families needing assistance and for dairy farmers and processors providing high-quality products to those families via food boxes. We hope the department will build upon its successes and lessons learned from this program as it considers further initiatives during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

NMPF encourages vendors to maximize the amount of wholesome dairy products in the combination boxes to help the most vulnerable population in need for food assistance.

Jim Mulhern

Jim Mulhern is president and CEO of NMPF