Democrats' ag plans grow bad ideas

Rep. Tony Kurtz

Yet again, President Trump has proven himself a true advocate for the American farmer. The President’s groundbreaking USMCA trade deal was recently ratified by all countries, meaning that Wisconsin farmers will at long last receive the relief they deserve after over a year of stalling from the congressional Democrats.

Negotiated by dealmaker President Trump, the USMCA will open up Canada’s market for Wisconsin dairy producers, add $68 billion to the US economy, and create 176,000 jobs across the country. This represents a huge win for Wisconsin farmers and their families, including the over 25,000 Wisconsinites whose jobs are supported by agricultural exports. This means that farmers in their families will have additional access to bring their made-in-Wisconsin goods to family tables across the world—meaning more money in their pockets and greater opportunity to expand their family businesses.

But wait, there’s more! Farmers have also benefited from the President’s historic deregulation efforts. By rolling back on hindering Obama-era rules, President Trump has allowed American farmers to create larger yields and sell more products. This only adds to the President’s 2018 Farm Bill, which expanded markets for Wisconsin farmers including legalizing the production of industrial hemp, which is now grown on over 1,800 acres of farmland across the Badger State.

The President has worked tirelessly to create a level playing field and equal access to world markets for American farmers. In addition to negotiating the USMCA, President Trump finally brought China to the negotiating table after years of unfair trading practices and the theft of intellectual property. Phase One of the China trade deal, which requires China to purchase an additional $200 billion of made-in-America goods over the next two years, is a huge win for Americans. Thanks to President Trump, we’re starting a new chapter in the American farmer's and manufacturer's relationship with one of their largest trading partners. 

Meanwhile, neither of the Democrat Party’s final two socialists standing have proposed a single agriculture policy that Wisconsin farmers can get behind. When it comes to Bernie and Biden, they are two sides of the same coin—farmers would see a return of Obama-era regulations, and more. 

Bernie Sanders wants to create a red meat tax targeting animal agriculture, and actually opposed the USMCA because he cares more about appeasing coastal elites and their radical climate policies than helping farmers across America’s heartland. Biden wants to limit farmers’ carbon emissions and has endorsed a carbon tax, which would cost Wisconsin farmers $2,000 per cow! This would be absolutely devastating for small family farms across Wisconsin.

What’s more, the Democrats’ radical Green New Deal policies would annihilate farming businesses in Wisconsin and across the country. Their zero-emissions pipe dream and plans to eradicate fossil fuels would spike energy costs, lower yields for farmers, and render it nearly impossible for farmers to do their jobs. Fossil fuels are required to power heavy farming machinery, to process foods, to refrigerate foods during transportation, to produce packaging materials, and to manufacture and transport chemical inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides.

The contrast between President Trump and the Democrats are clear. From fairer trade deals, to new markets, to less regulation, the wins for farmers just keep coming under President Trump. The fact remains that farmers just can’t afford a Democrat presidency. Wisconsin farmers need four more years of President Trump.

Rep. Tony Kurtz

Rep. Tony Kurtz represents the 50th Assembly District and owns and operates a 260-acre organic farm in Wonewoc.