ADC supports bill to address labor shortages on dairy farms

American Dairy Council
A new federal bill introduced by Congressmen Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) and John Joyce (R-PA) would expand the current H-2A visa program, allowing for its use by dairy farmers.

The American Dairy Coalition (ADC) supports a new federal bill that has been introduced by Congressmen Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) and John Joyce (R-PA) to expand the current H-2A visa program, allowing for its use by dairy farmers. 

The bill will amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, making it suitable for the year-round labor needs of the dairy industry by allowing for an initial three-year visa with an option to extend for another three years.  Under current law, dairy workers are not allowed to utilize H-2A visas because the dairy industry is not considered seasonal. This new legislation will change this and allow workers from outside of the United States to utilize the H-2A to access agricultural jobs on dairy farms.

“It is clear that one of the reasons our dairy farmers in Pennsylvania’s 13th District are struggling is because they are lacking the manpower that they need to produce their goods and get them to market,”  said Congressman Joyce in a press release on his Web site.  “Milk production in our country relies heavily on our migrant workers, and for far too long Congress has harmed the dairy industry by failing to fix our broken immigration system. This small change to the H-2A visa classification will come as welcome news to our dairy farmers and will give them flexibility that they need to be more efficient and profitable.”

As a fourth-generation dairy farmer, Walt Moore says his family has poured their hearts and souls into their dairy farm and the dairy industry for over 110 years.

Walt Moore

"Our farm along with many other dairy farms throughout our great country have come to rely on migrant workers to milk, feed and care for our dairy cows on our farms,” said Walt Moore, ADC president.  “We need to have a steady, highly skilled, reliable work force to continue to properly care for our cows and to continue to produce one of the safest, healthiest foods in the world. I applaud Congressman John Joyce and Anthony Brindisi for understanding the needs of the American dairy farmer and introducing a bill that will amend the current H-2A program to allow dairy farmers throughout the country to access year round migrant workers. Please take a few minutes out of your busy day and reach out to your representative in congress to pass this bill into law.”