The agriculture industry represents a vital economic sector in the 6th district. As a result, it is important to ensure that the nation's trade policies reflect the goals of farmers and businesses throughout the district. As the Administration resumes negotiations with China and the EU and paves the way for the renegotiation of NAFTA, it is essential that we protect farmers throughout Wisconsin. 

Over the past couple months, retaliatory tariffs imposed by key trading partners have presented a significant burden towards many farmers and business owners throughout the state. In order to reduce the negative impact on individuals harmed by the tariffs, particularly farmers and ranchers, the Administration is rolling out a relief package to address the loss in revenue many have experienced.

Recently, I signed onto a bipartisan letter strongly urging Secretary Perdue and Director Mulvaney to keep in mind the unique needs of dairy farmers when considering the commodities that are in need of aid. Dairy farmers are at a disadvantage due to the fact that their product is perishable and produced daily at a high rate.

Modernizing our trade policies to create fair trading partnerships and prioritize American businesses is very important. I hope that as the Administration continues their efforts and proposed relief package, they acknowledge the dairy industry and the many farmers within it that provide Americans with food everyday.

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