Tariffs, healthcare costs will kill farmers

Jennifer Hoppe Vipond
Dr. JenniferVipond

Tariffs are hurting Wisconsin farmers, business owners and families. Healthcare costs are crushing American families and businesses. We need bold reforms now. We cannot wait for Congressman Sensenbrenner to retire. Which is why I’m running for Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District, Tuesday, Aug. 14 in the Republican primary to replace Rep. Sensenbrenner.

I have met with representatives of Dairy Farmers of America and FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative and Prairie Farms Co-op to discuss problems facing Wisconsin farmers.

Tariffs take money out of our pockets. They increase the cost of goods. Tariffs kill family-sustaining jobs. And, they threaten global security. We must stop the assault on free trade. Wisconsin farmers are already hurting and small family farms cannot withstand even the short term impacts of a trade war. It makes sense to punish the bad actors like China if they are stealing our tech advancements/trade secrets. It does not make sense to alienate our allies. 

I entered the GOP race to replace Congressman Sensenbrenner because I am frustrated by the lack of a sensible approach to healthcare policy. The GOP primary is August 14 and I’m asking for your vote. A Vote for Vipond will be a vote to send a “Prescription for Change” to Washington, DC.

I respect the congressman’s decades of service, but for years Congress has issued policies to SHIFT rather than REDUCE healthcare costs. This has resulted in American families being crushed by out of control increases in the cost of care. We need sustainable healthcare policies now.

As a physician, I have practical solutions to reduce healthcare costs. I will work to develop a policy based on price transparency, consumer-driven price reduction, bundling of payments, expanded HSAs and population health systems.

With a fresh approach to healthcare delivery and billing, my employer has been able to reduce costs for Medicare patients by 28percent while at the same time improving the quality of care. These are the healthcare changes we should be promoting at a federal level and we need physician guidance to ensure that the decisions made have input from a representative with a true understanding of what is happening to real people who need healthcare help.

I will not be a career politician and do not have or need the baggage of special-interest support. I will be working for the American people and specifically for the people of District 5. I will take a break from my practice for a maximum of six years to work toward these and several other goals including workforce development, meaningful legislation to combat the opioid epidemic and school safety.

Dr. Jennifer Hoppe Vipond was born and raised in Wauwatosa in Wisconsin's fifth district, and has practiced as a pediatrician in Waukesha County for over 25 years. Follow her on social: Twitter @Vipond4Congress Facebook @Vipond4Congress and visit: VipondforCongress.com

Editor's note: The Wisconsin State Farmer contacted Congressman Sensenbrenner for his view on issues, but did not get a response before deadline of this issue.