Tewksbury: Getting the word out on whole milk

Arden Tewksbury
Nina Teicholz

A few years ago, a member of Pro-Ag Brenda Cochran made me aware of a book entitled, “The Big Fat Surprise" written by Nina Teicholz of New York.

After I received a copy of the book I soon realized that dairy farmers have a new real friend in Nina Teicholz.  After I finished reading the book, I said to myself, “Wow!” and decided I must contact Nina. After several conversations with her, I realized how honest, sincere, and authentic she was.

Pro-Ag saw several videos that Nina Teicholz has, including one from a major news outlet in Washington DC, but more importantly, Pro-Ag has developed several flyers regarding Nina and her work.

Research shows whole milk dairy products do not increase heart disease risk.

Consulting with nearly 15,000 consumers a year, Pro-Ag and these consumers have sent countless flyers all across the United States. With the consumers placing the flyer on Facebook and by sharing the flyer with friends, and their friends thus sharing the flyer across the United States, giving wide exposure to Nina’s great work.

In the last few years, Nina Teicholz has made several appearances at various group meetings in different locations, and Nina has also been in Washington DC meeting with key government officials.  Wherever Nina appears at various functions, she relates to her book how it illustrates that full fat milk is what children and adults both need in their diet!  Actually, she points out that using low-fat milk or no-fat milk is one of the culprits that cause health problems for the average person. 

She clearly disputes the claims that full-fat milk should not be in our diets.  She also strongly urges people to use real butter and not margarine.

In my opinion, the book Nina Teicholz wrote (taking 9 years to write) illustrates that using real dairy products can ward off certain health problems. Many of us have known for years that whole milk and real butter was good for our diet. 

Arden Tewksbury

One of the biggest problems is that our previous administration was able to convince the USDA to remove whole milk from our schools. This was a terrible mistake and has caused many consumers to go away and not use whole milk. We must convince the people in USDA that we must get whole milk back into our schools, and start educating the general public of the need for using real dairy products.

In Washington DC, Congressman GT Thompson (R-PA) is leading the fight to get whole milk back into the schools.

Everyone should saturate his office with phone calls, and urge the Congressman to get whole milk back in our schools as soon as possible.  Congressman GT Thompson’s phone number 202-225-5121. Let’s all get behind the efforts of Nina and if you want to see Pro-Ag’s flyer, go to Facebook and type in Progressive Agriculture Organization.

Tewksbury is the founder of Progressive Agriculture Organization