Trump must keep promise to protect farmers in a modernized NAFTA

Joshua Baca
Americans for Farmers & Families
National flags representing the United States, Canada, and Mexico fly in the breeze in New Orleans where leaders of the North American Free Trade Agreement met in April 2008.

During President Donald Trump’s announcement on steel and aluminum tariffs, it’s clear that the President recognizes the importance of Mexico and Canada as a market by excluding them in these tariffs as we work to renegotiate a better NAFTA.

Americans for Farmers & Families supports President Trump’s call for a prompt conclusion of NAFTA negotiations. We need to wrap up NAFTA negotiations without jeopardizing our access to export markets or our ability to protect that access.

Plainly stated, since its implementation, NAFTA has been a win for rural families. It is critical to the 43 million Americans whose jobs are supported by the U.S. food and agricultural industries. And it has boosted our domestic economy by $127 billion annually with trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada nearly quadrupling.

America’s rural voters are watching and listening to President Trump. It is critical that he keeps his promise to protect farmers in a modernized NAFTA.