How ironic! February 9, 2018, was touted as “National Pizza Day.” Consumers were given discounts, coupons, specials, etc., for buying pizzas, while Agri-Mark dairy farmers recently received letters concerning suicide prevention, from their own co-op!

Most “pizza cheese” is manufactured using “Milk Protein Concentrate” (MPC), plus additives such as sodium gluconate, pea starch, cellulose, etc. Altering the process retains more moisture, resulting in a huge yield increase. About 18 pounds of so-called “cheese” is obtained instead of about 10 pounds of real cheese made from 100 pounds of real, natural farm milk!

The greedy quest for higher “cheese” yields with MPC use has made the US the biggest cheese producer in the world. But, at what cost?

Because of MPC use, the extra 8 pounds of “Moo Glue” cheese is creating a "mountain of surplus cheese" plus a huge displacement of real fluid milk at the farm that is causing such a devastating drop in dairy farmers' milk prices that many dairy farmers are losing their farms, homes, way of life, and tragically, some have taken their own lives.

Losing thousands of family dairy farms is a devastating socio-economic blow to local rural communities, threatening a safe, secure, and available national food supply.

As a dairy farmer (and a consumer also), I know how important it is for a cow to have a balanced diet! If our cows did not have the right balance of proteins, energy, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc., we would have a low-producing cow, a sick cow, or a dead cow!

What effect is the relentless push for industrialized milk-derivative “dairy proteins,” in place of REAL milk, having on consumers' health?

With fewer than 38,000, licensed dairy farms left in the US, and thousands more disappearing, I will not celebrate any National Pizza Days! Hope you won't either!

Donna Hall is the vice president of Farm Women United

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