Gov. Walker lauds property tax release

Wisconsin State Farmer

Governor Scott Walker is touting the elimination of the state portion of the property tax levy for the first time since 1931 and other property tax reforms.

For the first time since 1931, Wisconsinites will pay $0 on state portion of property taxes.

Through the elimination of the state portion of the property tax and other property tax relief over Governor Walker’s time in office, the typical household saves nearly $3,000 in property taxes when compared to the trend before he assumed office in 2010.

“For the first time since 1931, the people of Wisconsin will pay $0 for the state portion of their property taxes,” said Governor Walker. “We believe you know how to spend your own hard-earned money much better than the government does, so we’ve removed the state property tax for all the families, senior citizens, hardworking taxpayers, farmers, and business owners of Wisconsin to give them more control over their finances and help grow our economy.”

The 2017-19 state budget eliminates the state property tax levy. As a result of this and other property tax reform, property taxes on the typical home will be lower in 2018 than in 2010, and Wisconsin’s property tax burden as a percentage of personal income is at its lowest level since the end of World War II.