Rep. Kind discusses NAFTA renegotiations

Wisconsin State Farmer

Recently U.S. Rep. Ron Kind met with United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Robert Lighthizer to discuss the ongoing NAFTA renegotiation and the impact leaving the agreement would have on Wisconsin’s dairy industry.  

US Rep. Ron Kind

During my meeting with Ambassador Lighthizer I raised the biggest concern I am hearing from Wisconsin dairy farmers back home – losing access to the Mexico market would be catastrophic.

I told the Ambassador they need to increase outreach to agricultural communities. Our dairy farmers already operate on a thin margin, and they can’t afford the uncertainty the Administration is causing.

Mexico is by far dairy’s top export market – close to double our second largest market. If the U.S. were to pull out of NAFTA, the European Union would no doubt sweep in and impose barriers to Wisconsin dairy that would make it impossible for the United States to compete.

I have long said that there is no doubt that NAFTA has some serious flaws that have negatively impacted Wisconsin workers, farmers, and businesses. However, it is important to recognize that Canada and Mexico are two of Wisconsin farmers' largest export markets and access to those markets must not be threatened.