New EPA Proposal Undermines Renewable Fuel Standard

Roger Johnson
National Farmers Union
National Farmers Union officials say the new EPA Proposal undermines Renewable Fuel Standard and the Trump administration’s promises to rural America.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new, lower proposed obligations for renewable fuel usage under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the nation’s preeminent policy for encouraging the production and development of American grown and produced transportation fuels.

The agency’s proposal would reduce obligations in 2018 for total renewable fuel volumes, biomass-based diesel, and advanced biofuel if finalized.

This proposal undermines the intent of the RFS law, which is to expand markets for American produced renewable fuels. We need to be increasing our use of higher blends of renewable fuels like E30 and advanced biofuels, not reducing the renewable energy footprint on our nation’s transportation sector.

Roger Johnson

The success of the homegrown, renewable energy sector is vital to family farmers and rural America, who benefit greatly from the expanded markets, investment, and high-paying jobs brought to their communities for renewable energy development. If this proposal is ultimately implemented, it would be a direct repudiation of President Trump’s promises to support the RFS and continued renewable energy development. This is especially troubling amidst the deeply depressed farm economy we are facing today.

NFU looks forward to offering further comment on the proposal to ensure the RFS continues to be the economic and environmental success story it has been for family farmers, consumers and rural communities.

Johnson is president of the National Farmers Union