Writer challenges “fear based” GMO claims

Wisconsin State Farmer

Since when does “blaming” someone get something accomplished? Some call this “whining”, others just call it “making excuses” — for what “they” have failed to do in the first place.

In a time where we have access to more information — and misinformation — than at any point in human history, I challenge National Milk Producers Federation President and CEO Jim Mulhern to this “fear based” food labeling statement.

The industry representatives he mentioned in his recent releases claiming this misrepresentation are doing only what their business strategies tell them: LISTENING to their customers: consumers. (Wisconsin State Farmer, issue Sept. 8. 2017 - reference by Rick Barrett; also Professional Dairyman Magazine, Sept. 12 issue: Survival in the Amazonian food jungle, page 18)

Dieter Harle has tried to draw attention to his concerns on genetically-modified crops and the widespread use of glyphosate herbicide.

It is clear that mainstream agriculture is following all the “safe” statements by industry sponsored research from our Land Grant Universities in regard to the GMO and Glyphosate issues. Almost to the point: No questions can doubt that this is so!

I for one followed these technologies like everyone else. However, since the organic movement became more and more a threat to conventional dairy producers, my thinking shifted to at least listen and “do your homework”. Is what I heard my inner voice telling me in the tone of professors, parents and trainers past — Ask questions!

The message that consumers have picked up everywhere is that there is something wrong and we do NOT “believe” everything the media tells us. Besides there is so much information coming our way….

It started for me via Dr. Don Huber, Emeritus Plant Pathology Professor, Purdue U. speaking all over the Midwest, mainly to organic groups. He introduced me to Emeritus Prof. Dr. Monika Krueger, U. Leipzig Germany. She shared information that lead me to test myself and my nearby environment: I did have the chelating agent glyphosate in my body, and I have numerous test results from farmers and the Mississippi River.

Until I learned to understand the chelating effect of glyphosate and the fact that it is an “antibiotic” affecting the Shikimate pass way and thus interfering with the digestion of minerals and enzymes causing digestive disorders not only in humans but in dairy herds that I have been working with for years, did I become very concerned.

Prof. Dr. Warren Porter, U.W.-Madison, Department of Integrative Biology, states that it will take three to four generations to undo the damage and reverse the trend of the GMO and associated technologies.

Challenged reading that consumers know about:

  • Glyphosate: Unsafe on any plate - food testing results and scientific reasons for concern; Report by Food Democracy Now! And the Detox Project.
  • Tony Mitra's book on Poison Foods of North America: Guide to navigating the glyphosate mine field in our food web - Amazon

Resources for the dairy industry to read:

  • Wisconsin State Farmer, April 2017, Dieter Harle article by Ray Mueller.
  • Progressive Dairyman Magazine - August 7, 2017 - Which seed are you choosing?

It is my sincere hope that this discussion can become a reality as we listen to the available information that is critical to our survival in a complex world.

Dieter Härle

Best Options, Inc.

Bettendorf, IA