U.S. Rep. Ron Kind unveiled a plan to secure the future of Wisconsin dairy. Rep. Kind's comprehensive plan works to fix some of the problems that dairy farmers are currently facing and would provide some relief for the drop in dairy prices.

'The past few years have been a trying time for many Wisconsin farmers and their families. With dairy prices falling to extreme lows and the cost of fuel and feed rising we need to take immediate action to secure the future of Wisconsin dairy. My comprehensive plan looks to make our federal farm programs more efficient, open new markets for our farmers, expand research, encourage the next generation of farmers, and pass comprehensive immigration reform,' said Rep. Kind.

Rep. Kind's comprehensive strategy to secure the future of Wisconsin dairy consists of five key principles:

·Making programs Wisconsin dairy farmers use more effective and efficient

·Encouraging the next generation of dairy farmers

·Expanding agriculture research

·Opening new markets for Wisconsin farmers

·Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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