Whole milk gaining support

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Finally consumption of whole milk (both white and chocolate) is being advocated by different dietary groups.

Recently a teacher at North Pocono High School in Daleville, PA asked me to come to the school and address the value of whole chocolate milk to her public speaking class.

What an experience! These students were very critical of the skim milk they are forced to drink (or in many cases, throw away). North Pocono School has the same problem as our Elk Lake School and every other school has, that is, the USDA is forcing all our schools not to use whole milk in our school lunch program.

However, when I addressed the students at North Pocono High, everyone welcomed the whole chocolate milk that they drank. Some of the students claimed the whole chocolate milk tasted like a good milk shake.

Well, the milk they drank came from Manning Dairy, located a few miles northeast of Dalton, PA, and the butterfat was somewhere around 3.8%. The milk is definitely pasteurized, but the components in the milk are left alone, just as the milk comes from the bossy cow.

It was rewarding to listen to these students. All of them want whole milk back in our schools. Are our elected officials going to start listening to our school students?

Last Friday I attended the Lycoming County Grange's Legislative dinner. Again whole chocolate milk was made available to the crowd by Valley Farms in Williamsport, PA.

It was rewarding first to see how our students wanted whole chocolate milk, and then a few days later to witness our older generation want whole chocolate milk. It's time all for all of our wishes to be listened to.

However, a very rewarding surprise was when an article was brought to my attention by one of our members in Westfield, PA that appears in the annual bulletin from the American Dairy Association in Syracuse, NY. The article was entitled, "Taking a fresh look at whole milk."

The main thrust of the article centered on Nina Teicholz, the author of the book, "The Big Fat Surprise". Nina on her own time has become (by far) the leading proponent for consumers including all of our students concerning the benefits of whole milk.

We strongly urge the American Dairy Association to have our dairy princesses pass out whole milk (both white and chocolate) at their events.

At the Grange dinner I credited the dairy princesses and their advisors for using whole milk as they made their milk punch. I certainly told the crowd that the girls were using whole milk.

Like I said, it is catching on. Our Pro-Ag organization has been one of the leading organizations leading the fight to get whole milk back in our schools. Let's work together to obtain whole milk back in our schools.

Pro-Ag can be reached at 570-833-5776.