The truth behind the 'facts'

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Dear Editor:

In a March 25, 2016 article in the Wisconsin State Farmer, page 12B, the readers are informed of a raw milk death in Florida.

When you look into the truth behind the 'facts', as reported by the CDC and the FDA, there are a number of inconsistencies in the reporting of our esteemed government entities, the most glaring of which is that the person who supposedly died as a result of the listeriosis contamination in the raw milk actually died of cancer after a week of chemotherapy treatments.

Here is the statement from the deceased's caregiver: Peggy Stevenson, a family member and caregiver of the deceased person claims that the CDC's statement is false. She said in a press release from the Weston A. Price Foundation. [The source for this quote is : Listeriosis Linked to Raw Milk - Under Investigation

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a multi-state outbreak of listeriosis linked...

'My family member was diagnosed with and died of cancer after a week of chemo … I am outraged that the CDC is using our tragic situation to damage and try to destroy a farm we love and support.'

Furthermore, think about this: if the CDC is supposed to protect the health of this nation, why did it take almost two years for it to come to this raw milk- sourced listeriosis conclusion? If this outbreak — two people identified, is that an outbreak? — is so critical to health, why wasn't it given priority status and all resources expended to quickly locate the source?

I am with the groundswell of Americans who have grown so weary of twisted scientific studies, media reported inaccuracies, false information being touted as true by corporations and political action groups, and politicians who not only promise far more than they can deliver, but succumb to lobbyists' golden tongues and back room deals at the expense of truth and the vitality of this nation and the world.

Darlene D. Stern

Kewaskum, WI