Consumers have made their decision

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A guest editorial by Arden Tewksbury, Manager of Pro-Ag.

For many years the debate has been simmering over chocolate milk. Recently at Pancake Suppers in Northeast Pennsylvania, whole chocolate milk (3.7 % butterfat) has been served to the general public. Previously 1% chocolate milk has been sold to the public. I'm happy to report that the general public consumer over twice as much whole chocolate milk as compared to the previous dinners that served 1% chocolate milk.

Unfortunately some of the advertising agencies have been passing out 1% chocolate milk to the general public. It's evident that either 1% white or chocolate milk just doesn't have the taste or the texture that whole milk has.

The bottling plant that bottles whole chocolate milk is Manning's Dairy Farm in Montdale, Pennsylvania (Lackawanna County). Manning's tells me they often run out of whole chocolate milk that they sell in their Northeast Pennsylvania stores. Many informed people will argue whole milk is certainly more beneficial to the average consumer versus low-fat milk.

I am proud to say that every morning my day beings with a big cup of whole chocolate milk.

Over and over again, many schools tell me that a large number of their students are not consuming their low-fat milk which many times is nothing but skim milk.

The national school lunch program should be amended to allow public schools to determine which dairy milk should be served.

In closing, I would say any dairy milk sold to the general public is far more beneficial than other drinks being made available to the general public, especially our school children.

Please help get whole milk back into our schools.

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