You got what you paid for in 2015

Now Media Group

The gas you put in your vehicle. The packaged products you buy at the store. The scanners that record your purchases and the scales that weigh products. All of these aspects of daily commerce are tested statewide by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's (DATCP) Bureau of Weights and Measures.

The 2015 numbers are in, and once again consumers got what they paid for across most categories inspected. DATCP compiled the results of inspections of price accuracy, retail scales, gas pumps and package weights at stores throughout the state, and the results were positive.

'The inspection results show that Wisconsin businesses conducted commerce fairly and consistently throughout the state,' said Frank Frassetto, Division Administrator for Trade and Consumer Protection. 'We found that consumers got what they paid for in nearly all transactions, so it's no surprise that confidence in the marketplace stayed steady at 99 percent across most categories.'

State weights and measures inspectors conducted 221,953 inspections at 6,332 business locations in 2015, including: Gas Pumps, Grades of Fuel Tested, Price Accuracy, Items Tested, Retail Scales Inspected, Package Weight.

When inspectors find inaccurate measurements in the field, violations are reported to store management and orders are issued to correct the problem. In 2015, DATCP inspectors: Conducted 560 weights and measures reinspections to ensure that accuracy corrections were made; Rejected and required corrections on 2,354 scales and meters for inaccuracies; Rejected 2,734 packages sold by weight for being short measure; Ordered 667 prices corrected for ringing up inaccurately at the register.

Where inspectors find repeat violations, higher level enforcement is possible. In 2015, civil forfeiture settlements totaling $184,570 were collected from companies as a result of weights and measures inspections including: placing rejected short measure product back on sale; price misrepresentations; representing false quantity and causing a scale ticket to be incorrect.