Sierra Club opposes mining bill

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The Sierra Club announced its opposition to AB 620, legislation allowing desecration and destruction of Ho-Chunk Nation effigy mounds in Blooming Grove solely to benefit limestone miners Wingra Stone and Redi-Mix.

AB 620 outrageously allows the desecration of these mounds solely to determine whether human remains are present and could lead to the destruction of an irreplaceable historical, spiritual, and cultural site sacred to the Ho-Chunk Nation. AB 620 is the latest in a string of special interest bills introduced by legislators granting special favors to industry and developers outside of their districts and constituents.

"AB 620 is a shocking attack on the prohibition on disturbing effigy mounds that could lead to the destruction of this site - sacred to the Ho-Chunk Nation — to allow more limestone mining. The Sierra Club is appalled by this attempt to circumvent previous decisions denying permits to destroy the site" said Elizabeth Ward, John Muir Chapter Programs Coordinator. "AB 620 is the latest shameful example of this legislature's giveaways and special treatment for developers, industry, and mining companies."

The Sierra Club urged members and the public to attend the Save The Mounds Rally on Tuesday, Jan. 12 on the west side of the state Capitol building in Madison. The rally urged lawmakers to protect these historical and culturally significant places.