American Dairy Coalition requests House leadership to stand by their promise

Wisconsin State Farmer
American Dairy Coalition

ADC is extremely disappointed and frustrated with the lack of desire to move forward a guest-worker program to ensure the dairy industry has an adequate labor force to feed the world.

Late last night, on June 26, the AG Act was removed from the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018 (H.R. 6136), also known as the Goodlatte #2 - Compromise Bill, after negotiations to include it fell through.

ADC is asking House Leadership to make good on its previous commitment for a separate July vote on a single immigration bill to ensure a reliable labor force for the dairy, livestock and agriculture industry. 

"The dairy industry is very labor-intensive and is suffering from a lack of available workers in our rural communities to take care of our animals, tend to crops and provide the world with healthy, affordable, safe dairy products. ”  said John Jacobs, President of ADC.

“The American Dairy Coalition thanks the efforts of our industry who repeatedly reached out and appealed to lawmakers throughout the U.S.  to pass a new guest-worker program that will help to resolve our industry’s labor crisis.  We are extremely concerned that congress removed a bill that could have provided us the first solution in over 30 years. We urge House Leadership to make good on previous promises to provide a separate standalone guestworker program solution before August recess , ” said Laurie Fischer, ADC’s CEO.

ADC is urging House Leadership to work with them on a new guest-worker program for the dairy industry. As interior enforcement efforts continue, the dairy industry is currently left without any means to secure a legal workforce and this spells disaster for the dairy industry. We must either find a legal process to import labor, or we will end up importing food and putting thousands of domestic workers in the unemployment line.