Wow! Author Nina Teicholz gets national attention

Arden Tewksbury
Author Nina Teicholz

One evening, as I was strolling through my house, I heard a commentator on the news, saying he was going to have a presenter on his program to talk about the unpopular dietary guidelines being forced on our children in school. 

I said to myself, can that be anyone but author Nina Teicholz?  And in a few minutes, Nina Teicholz was on TV, getting national attention, and explaining that the dietary guidelines were incorrect, and that food with some fat in it is good for you. She went on to illustrate how whole milk sales have dropped 79 percent. Nina realized that these dietary guidelines, now in effect for four years, are not beneficial to children, consumers, and farmers.

We in Pro-Ag were made aware of Nina’s book, “The Big Fat Surprise”, and one of our members sent the book to me. I read this book, which took Nina nine years to write, and I was surprised to read the tremendous amount of references she used to support her writings.

Unfortunately, it appears that many farm organizations and members of the press have been very slow in picking up on Nina’s work. Even the American Dairy Association published a page on Nina’s work. I feel Pro-Ag has been leading the tremendous fight to make her work more well known. For five years now, we have been handing out thousands of flyers proclaiming Nina’s work on getting the facts out about it being okay to drink whole milk and use real butter.

In addition, we have encouraged different school boards to pass resolutions supporting the need of getting whole milk back in our schools, and we have gone into schools demonstrating the need for whole milk, and believe you me, our students do want whole milk back in our schools.

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