Housepets and photo projects fill long days of winter

Susan Manzke
A rainbow greeting from grandchildren before I broke my arm - a great way to brighten any day.

It seemed like a usual start to the day at my computer but something crazy happened and I couldn't do what I wanted to do. I thought I could fix the problem, that it was minor, but all I did was get deeper into trouble. I needed help so I picked up the phone and messaged my son.   

I just got off the phone with Russell. He thought it wasn't a big problem at all. It's a good thing I raised a smart fellow who knows a lot more about computers than I do. Thanks so much for your help, Russell.

After trying to type with one hand, I am now talking to my computer. There is a dictation button on my word-processing program. It works fairly well, but it doesn't always understand me. Many times, I have to go back and correct something that it wrote totally wrong. Still, it is much easier to write this way instead of typing with half the fingers I usually type with.

It's been two weeks since I broke my hand and I'm already tired of the situation with the splints and bandages. When I go in to get the stitches out this week I don't know what kind of splints or cast I'll come home with but I know there will be something on my hand for the next 5 to 6 weeks.

To fill my time these days I make little videos of my dog and cats and post them on YouTube. It's amazing how many people have contacted me from those little videos. I've heard from a person in Chile, one in Boston, and someone in Japan. Isn't that amazing? I only expected to hear from people who read my column or our friends on Facebook. But this YouTube business reaches out around the world.

Despite a hand injury, Susan manages to shoot photos of a sunrise over Sunnybook Farm.

These days I'm also doing photo projects on Facebook. I've been taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets for a long time now. Continuing to snap pictures of these colorful skies is something I love to do but it is much harder holding my phone camera with one hand. I have to brace it up with the broken hand but lots of times I get part of my cast in the picture and have to do it again.

The other photo project I am working on is to post about the days left until spring arrives. I go to my photo archives and find a picture of a flower I took earlier, add text, and then post it on Facebook. This way we all know when spring is due to arrive.

On March 20, 2023 the spring equinox will arrive. That does not mean all signs of winter will instantly evaporate. I expect the snow that is on the ground now will continue to be here for a while yet. We in Wisconsin know that in March and April and even May, we will continue to live with snowfall that may be inches or more.

My ordinary days are long ones. My four furry friends, one dog and three cats, do add spice to my life. Thank goodness.

          I will include a few pictures here today. I hope you like them and that they bring a bit of brightness to your day.

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