A Star is Born...not!

Susan Manzke
Susan arrives at WFRV TV station for her morning interview about the the release of her children's book All the Queen's Crowns.

When my book, All the Queen’s Crowns, was published in October, I reached out to local Green Bay television stations to see if they wanted to interview me. Local 5 Live from WFRV TV said they’d love to have me. A date was set for their morning show. I would join them on November 15, sometime between 9 and 10.

When I agreed to this appearance the weather was warm and clear. As the broadcast time approached the first snow of the season was predicted for the same date.

I had my fingers crossed that the weather would remain clear. After all, predictions have been wrong in the past.

As the day neared, the weather report didn’t change. I would have to drive on snow and I hate driving on slippery roads! I was nervous enough thinking about going on the television program, I didn’t need the anticipation of driving on nasty roads, too.

I finally asked my friend Marilyn if she had time to drive me to the station. She agreed to take me and I relaxed some. At least, I wouldn’t be taking this adventure alone.

It was easy getting up early on the day of the interview. I hadn’t slept at all, so although I had my alarm set, I didn’t need it. I was already up.

Of course, I had to take care of my pets before leaving home.

Barn-E my youngest cat, decided to attack my toes when I was trying to put on my socks. He was determined to start my day with a wrestling match. Barn-E would have won too. He was using his claws and teeth. To be able to finish dressing I had to lock him out of my bedroom, otherwise, I wouldn’t have any toes left.

When Marilyn arrived, I was more than ready. It was snowing, but the roads were just wet, something I could have handled. But my friend didn’t just drive, conversation with her kept my mind off of the unknown I’d be facing at the television station.

I explained who I was to the receptionist at WFRV TV’s front desk. She led us through a maze of halls to the studio, and then left.

Two men were in the studio preparing for the morning broadcast which would begin in ten minutes. I was told that I was scheduled for 9:20 and that Marilyn and I should have a seat.

The room had three cameras and at least four different areas to interview guests. It was so different seeing the set for Local 5 Live. It wasn’t what I imagined while watching the show from home, not as big a space as I expected.

Local 5 co-hosts Millaine Wells, left, and Lisa Malak interview Susan about her new children's book All the Queen's Crowns.

The hosts, Lisa Malak and Millaine Wells came into the studio, said “Hi” and got to work preparing for their program. Marilyn and I sat quietly, not wanting to make a sound—once I thought I was going to sneeze, but I managed to suppress the urge.

The countdown to the show began. Lisa and Millaine chatted as they usually did at the beginning of their show. I watched, listened, and looked at the clock.

The hosts moved over to an adjoining location to interview two other guests. I watched, listened, and looked at the clock. It was getting near 9:20 and then past 9:20. I guessed that the schedule had altered a bit.

Finally, one of the crew handed me a microphone. Soon I was directed to a chair. Lisa and Millaine sat across from me. “Don’t worry about the cameras,” said Lisa. “Just look at us,” added Millaine.

The interview began. They asked me about my book. I talked the best I knew how, but without watching a replay I wouldn’t know what I said. By the end of the interview, my mouth was extremely dry.

Afterward, I had to sit down for a bit. It was quite an experience.

I learned later that many friends had tuned in to see me. Others went to the internet to watch the saved video. You should be able to view it online at

Susan shares on TV the years' long process of publishing her book.

The whole idea of writing is to share my stories with others. I hope this interview brought more readers to look for my book, All the Queen’s Crowns.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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