Small town pride: Seymour, Home of the Hamburger

Susan Manzke
Hamburger Charlie, aka, Ben Braun, poses with Susan on Depot Street as people gather to eat burgers.

I enjoy local events. This past weekend I attended Seymour’s Burger Fest. My son Rob, his wife Tara, and my grandchildren Caleb,12, and Aryana, 10, joined me.

Originally, Rob thought he and his family would camp in my backyard for an overnight stay and take in festivities Friday evening and all day Saturday. At a week’s distance, the weather looked to be perfect, but as the date approached, weather reporters predicted rain early Saturday morning.

Plans were changed. The rain prediction was right. Overnight I got an inch of rain on the farm. Their tent would have been swamped. Instead, they came Saturday morning in time for the World’s Largest Hamburger Parade through Seymour, Wisconsin.

Crowds line Main Street as the World’s Largest Hamburger Parade rolls down Seymour’s Main Street, Saturday, Aug. 13.

Rob picked me up on the way into Seymour for the 11 a.m. parade. It’s always fun watching the parade, but having the grandchildren there made it special. Caleb and Aryana loved it when candy was tossed their way. In the end, they had way too much candy to take home. Hopefully, Rob and Tara packed some away for another day.

I ended up with a few pieces of candy in my pocket, too. Some pieces had been overlooked by the nearby children, so I pocketed a couple of Tootsie Rolls.

Aryana and Caleb get a sweet treat from Hamburger Charlie.

The parade included three high school bands, but I think the most noise came from the sirens of the emergency vehicles. Those really blasted as they rolled north on Main Street.

The parade began with veterans marching through Seymour, carrying the flag. Later came scouts, old tractors, and collector cars.

As we sat and stood near the end of the World’s Largest Hamburger Parade it was nice to call out to friends as they marched by. “Hi, Kathy!” “Hi, John!” “How’s it going, Lynn?”

We noticed a few rain drops as the last of the parade entries were rolling past.

Soon I popped my umbrella open. The Saturday clouds started to sprinkle a bit more. Darn, was all I could say, but we weren’t deterred.

I had purchased wristbands for my family, so we headed over to Depot Street where the afternoon events would take place.

The high school bands played for the crowd. The five of us listened as we munched our hamburgers and fries. I hoped for the sun to peak out, but it never did. The evening hot air balloon rally and glow were canceled. Darn, again.

Susan and her son, Rob, at the parade that celebrates Seymour, Wisconsin, being the Home of the Hamburger.

Eventually, we found our way back to my farm. Caleb and Aryana spent time on the porch with my puppy, Stella, teaching her to fetch and lay down. The three of them got along pretty well, except when Stella decided jumping on everyone was more fun.

When it was time to give Stella a little time alone, we five played a few hands of Dominoes. I think Tara won every one, but we all had fun at Burger Fest and at the farm.

It had to be tough for the Burger Fest committee when they watched as a lot of their work was dripping from rain. Still, it seemed that the people who hung out for the Ketchup Slide had all kinds of fun. (BTW: the Ketchup Slide is like a Slip N Slide except that it uses a lot of ketchup with some water to spread it out. You’ll never catch me on the Ketchup slide, or a Slip N Slide, for that matter.

I’m already looking forward to August 2023, when Burger Fest will again be celebrated in the city of Seymour. It may be a whole year away, but I have my fingers crossed that rain will not dampen a campout here or at the festivities in Seymour, The Home of the Hamburger .

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