Appreciate the little things in life

Susan Manzke
Car-E sits inside a box with his toys.

My friend Susan M. says it’s the little things in life that we should appreciate. I quite agree. Today I’m writing about some of the little things I appreciate.

I just came in from feeding my hens, all four of them. Today they gave me four eggs. That’s 100%, but that only happens about twice a week, a good thing or I’d have too many eggs. I can only eat so much.

I tossed the girls some bread and table scraps. They raced around eating, trying to beat their sisters to the tasty bits. As I walked out the door, I said, “Thanks for the eggs, girls.” They didn’t stop eating. I think they figured the bread was their thank you.

My cat two indoor cats, Car-E and Cruella are not friends. Car-E constantly wants to play with Cruella but the old cat doesn’t have a playful bone in her body. She hisses at him and even swats at Car-E if he gets in her space.

I try to keep out of their disagreements but sometimes they bring it right to me.

Yesterday, Cruella was sitting quietly on my lap when Car-E showed up. The young cat didn’t look before he leaped, vying for what he considers his space on my lap.

Both cats reacted, hissing, and meowing at each other. As quickly as I could, I stood up, eliminating my lap to all, but not before I felt a few claws slip through my clothes.

The best I can do is to keep a watch for a second cat entering the living room. Rarely do Car-E or Cruella enter without searching for a place on my lap, but two together always mean war with me in the middle—still, I love having a warm cat on my lap on a cold winter’s day.

The odd thing about my two cats is that in the middle of the night both cats can be found on my bed. Car-E likes to snuggle next to my side. Cruella either sleeps near my head or at my feet, leaving space between her and Car-E.

I don’t want fights, but these two sure make life interesting. Car-E chases the littlest things, even rolling around the floor with a twisty. Sometimes I get his antics on video and post them on my blog. Too bad he’s so fast that in his enthusiasm he races out of the camera frame.

Daughter Rachel makes makes quick work of weatherizing the front door, keeping the draft out of Susan's old farmhouse.

When Rachel and her family visited, I was gifted with a few little things. Rachel cooked our meals, which was such a treat for me.

Another job my youngest gave me was applying weather stripping.

The old farmhouse I live in has a drafty front door. Because of this, I bought two rolls of Holikme Weather Stripping. I figured I could apply this myself, but Rachel offered to do the job for me.

I washed down the door so it could dry before application. Rachel was able to easily reach the top of the door, while I would have needed a ladder. Getting down to the lower third of the door would have meant I would have to be on my hands and knees to finish the project. It was a good thing Rachel did this, too. Getting off the floor would have taken a little extra effort for me.

Although there's a 11 year difference between the two calendars, the dates in the 2010 calendar on the bottom align exactly with the brand new calendar above.

I had a giggle the other day. After setting up our 2021 family calendar, I grabbed an old one. Every year daughter Rebecca makes a special calendar with photos she takes while traveling. I save every one because of their beauty.

Without looking I hung up the old calendar. A photo of a squirrel was on January 2010. That’s when something caught my eye. January 1, 2021 started on a Friday and so did January 1, 2010. The years matched so I don’t have to fold back the dates of 2010.

Now you have a few of the little things that touched me. I’ll probably come up with some more in the future. It’s hard to tell when the little things will pop up but I’m sure to welcome them.

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