Car-E the rescue kitten isn't so small or sweet anymore

Susan Manzke
Car-E waiting for supper to be served.

My rescue kitten isn’t small and sweet anymore. Car-E has turned into a big, energetic cat. At any time you can find him trying to get our old cats (Othello and Cruella) to play (roughhouse). This never works. All the other cats do is tell Car-E in no uncertain terms to get lost!

If he can’t find a feline ready for play, Car-E saunters over to Sunny. The dog doesn’t even give Car-E a chance to playfully attack. As soon as the young cat approaches, Sunny lets out a “Woof!” for him to get away. This usually makes me jump because a word from Sunny is so unexpected.

Car-E’s third choice is me.

I was sitting quietly reading in a lounge chair when Car-E targeted me. He came racing across the room and leaped up on top of my lap. Too bad for me he had his claws out to secure his hold. Yikes! It’s definitely time to clip his nails.

When Othello was young, some 17 years ago, we had his brother and his nails removed from their front feet. I didn’t know then that that meant the amputation of the last bone of each toe—if it was done to you or me, it would mean cutting off each finger at the first knuckle. It’s not just removing the nail.

Car-E looking for trouble while Cruella is trying to scoot past.

I decided a long time ago that Car-E will not go through this operation. I started clipping his nails weeks ago—he needs a clipping today. I just have to get him in a comfortable position on my lap. With him relaxed, I can quickly do the job. He doesn’t mind at all.

I clip Sunny’s nails, too. This last week I noticed that they were harder to cut. The nails have grown thicker as he ages. Actually, with Car-E in my lap, it was easier to trim his nails than Sunny’s. For some reason, I can’t get the dog to sit in my lap. To work on the dog I have to get on his level on the floor.

Having pets is a big responsibility. I add a raw egg to Othello’s food to give the old guy extra energy. Other than that everyone gets appropriate food for their species, though I did throw some sweet potatoes outside. No cat ate them, but an opossum was grateful for the treat.

Okay, enough about my critters.

I’ve been wondering about sending Christmas cards. For many years, Bob and I took photos with our family, first just with our four children and for the last years, with our grandchildren. Gathering families together for a group photo this year isn’t going to work. Still, I’d like to do something.

Sunny waiting to sneak anyone's supper.

In a drawer, I found some assorted group shots taken with me, Bob, and our grandchildren. Since I don’t want to waste those cards, I’ll be sending them out this year—sorry if you already had one of these. But I thought it would be a way to remember Bob.

If you do send me a card, which I hope you do, I ask that you include a loose postage stamp. If you forget, don’t worry, I’ll still send you a card, but as you can guess, postage can add up fast on my end with all the nice readers remembering me.

I’m not doing a lot of holiday decorating. Battery operated Advent candles are in the windows. Soon they will be followed by 3 lighted stars. That will be it for outside of my house.

It’s the season of light. My fiberoptic tree is up and lit, but not decorated with ornaments. I tried a couple, but Car-E thought I was hanging toys for him. I don’t mind, as long as I have the lighted tree.

So if you’re a card sender use the address below. Email greetings are fine, too but you’ll get an email answer. At least Car-E leaves cards alone, except for the ones he pushes to the floor from the table.

Susan Manzke, Sunnybook Farm, N8646 Miller Rd, Seymour, WI 54165;;