Vegetable gardens come in all sizes

Jerry Apps
Nothing beats vegetables fresh from the garden...event a small garden.

Here is a report on the small space garden I started a few weeks ago. My son-in-law, Paul built it for me and it has several features designed just for me and for where the garden is located.

The garden is 4-feet by 8-feet and is about three feet above ground level, thus it is easy for me to tend. We have an abundance of hungry, vegetable loving bunnies—a fence around the garden keeps them at bay. The fence also provides a place for various vegetables to climb, thus making the 32 square feet of garden space larger than it actually is.

So far, the weather has been about as good as it could be for gardening, warm days, and enough, but not too much rain. And lots of sunshine. Vegetables like sunshine.

As of today, the peas are climbing the fence and forming pods. The lettuce is about the best I’ve ever grown. The tomato plants, very slow starting this year, are catching up and are about ready for me to stake them. The green beans are ready for fence climbing, as are a couple of zucchini plants. My climbing cucumber plants are a bit behind; threatened a bit by the lettuce and green beans that are seeking to gobble up the limited space.

I will cut the lettuce later this morning, and we’ll have it for supper tonight. Nothing beats vegetables fresh from the garden. Once again, I am surprised by how much can be grown in so little space.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Vegetable gardens come in all sizes.

Jerry Apps

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