Another emotional first behind her

Susan Manzke
Sunny joined Susan for the first cart ride without Bob.

It has been a mere four months since we lost Bob — four long months. Each day is a new experience for me because I don’t have him at my side. Spring has brought many new activities for me.

When we got together on Zoom for our family breakfast, Russell asked me if I had started the lawnmower or the cart. I had to admit that I hadn’t — mostly I hadn’t because I was afraid of failure. After that discussion, I went out to the shed and gave both of Bob’s ‘toys’ a try.

Our maintenance golf cart didn’t make a sound when I turned the key and stepped on the accelerator. The battery was completely drained and needed charging.

It was up to me to attach a charger to the cart battery. It took me a while to figure which side was positive and which was negative, but after I had that information down, I easily connected the charger on to the terminals.

Russ gave more input about getting the cart moving via a phone conversation. He said it needed an over-night charge, but I didn’t feel comfortable leaving everything hooked up as Bob would have. It took two daytime charges to get it humming, if not moving.

Eventually, it showed it was 100% charged and I hopped on to give it a try. It grumbled and sputtered, but it would have started if I had given it a chance. The trouble was that rain was on the horizon. If it stalled away from the shed, I’d have a terrible time getting it back inside again.

Two days later, Rebecca and Andy came by with another food delivery for me. They asked about the cart. This time we pushed it out of the shed, so it would have a good space to run, that is if it got going.

Rebecca hopped on the seat and managed to get the cart to chug forward. I was surprised it didn’t backfire it was running so rough.

I let her run the cart around the buildings for quite some time, getting the kinks out, before seeing her take off down the lane — making sure she had her cell phone with, just in case the cart stalled far from home.

As usual, Rebecca was adventurous and went farther down the lane than she had first said. When she didn’t return, Andy and I started to look for her. As we were about to call her cell, she buzzed into view.

“Okay, Mom, now it’s your turn,” she said.

After the snow had melted, Susan, Sunny, and Bob were caught on the last cart ride of 2019 on their critter camera.

I hesitated. The last time I had ridden down the lane it was October 30, 2019, with Bob. That was the day before our early Wisconsin winter settled in and the last ride for Bob but we didn’t know that then.

It took some effort, but I got on the cart, and so did our dog, Sunny who just loved taking rides with us and was raring to go.

I didn’t expect to get emotional, but, well, that cart was Bob’s toy. It came in handy bringing tools from one end of the farm to the other, so it was useful. The best times though were when we went out together with Sunny seeking to view whitetail deer.

Okay, that first ride for me and Sunny is over. The next shouldn’t be so emotional for me, at least I hope not.

As for the lawnmower, it didn’t need a charge. It started to rumble for me as soon as I turned the key, but it did need a boost from the choke. Too bad I didn’t know where that knob was.

This time it was Andy to the rescue with information about the mower choke. After engaging the choke, it took right off. That sure made me happy.

Earlier the camera caught this fellow walking through early morning snow.

So there are some firsts for me. That being firsts without Bob. There will be more to come, but at least I’m moving forward with the help of family and friends, even from a distance. Thanks, everyone for your encouragement.

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