Covid won't break our FFAmily

Tari Costello

I can only compare today to one other day in my teaching career...the day was 9/11.

On 9/11 I stood in front of my classes watching what was happening to the world around us, unsure of what was happening, struggling to maintain a sense of calm and security.

Today as students came to school to clean out their lockers and pick up supplies, I again was unsure of what to say to my kids. I am unsure of what is happening around us and what will happen next. These kids are so much more than kids in a class, they become so much more than that.

In FFA we refer to us as FFAmily.

FFAmily is what makes teaching such an incredible career, but also causes the heartache of days like today so tough.

I was asked if we would have an FFA Banquet? Day On the Farm? Prom? Graduation?  Will this be our last time walking these halls as Waupun High School students?

While I couldn't give them an answer to these questions, I did promise them that we would have an FFA Banquet....I don't know when or what it will look like, but we will do it.

I worry about my kids that are not sure if there will be food to eat and those that do not have a loving and caring home to go to.

There were lots of tears......we understand that these measures need to happen to keep those around us healthy and safe. It's ok to mourn the what-ifs, but we cannot stay there!

We are strong and know that there are lessons to be learned. Every experience we are a part of helps to create the person we become.

We will persevere!

I will continue to pray for "my kids", our school, community and an end to this virus.


Tari Costello

Tari Costello is an agricultural education teacher and FFA advisor at Waupun Area Jr./Sr. High School