Special outings punctuate end of summer

Susan Manzke
Cheering for the Packers, doing the Lambeau Leap.

This morning, Bob and I celebrated August. It was a little before four. The eastern horizon was showing signs of dawn. We crawled out of bed, half asleep, to witness the Perseid Meteor Shower.

It was warm enough so we didn’t have to completely dress for this outside venture—also a good thing that we were on our upper-deck at the back of the house so no one would see us.

Together we looked into the heavens. The night was quiet as early birds hadn’t started their morning chatter.

At first, it was hard to focus on the pinpoints of light. When a meteor appeared we woke up a bit more. Minutes passed before another one crossed the sky. After a few more came and died their fiery death, Bob and I went back to bed to sleep until our usual morning awake time. It was a neat event to share.

The two previous days Bob and I had looked to the evening and morning skies, too. Those times we searched not for meteors, but for hot air balloons coming from Seymour’s Burger Fest. Most of the time they were miles away, but on the last morning, they came close to our farm. The balloon flights are man-made but a colorful beauty not often seen so close. Maybe I’ll be able to ride one someday…if I get the nerve.

Other August events included family. One Saturday, this grandma and grandpa went to a birthday party. Our grandson, Harrison, turned four amidst a gaggle of cousins and other relatives. There were water fights, yet grandparents stayed dry—it was so nice to be able to watch the fun without having to duck for cover.

Eli and Arianna with a four-footed friend at the Muehl Public Library.

The last event place here on the farm. For five days, we were gifted with the company of two grandchildren, Eli and Arianna. When I found out the twins were able to come I started thinking of special outings that they would enjoy with grandma and grandpa.

The first afternoon I took the twins to Seymour Lake, but instead of swimming Arianna and Eli decided to spend time on the playground equipment. It was nice that we had the park to ourselves for an hour, and that includes the absence of mosquitoes. Even this grandma felt comfortable enough to sit on a swing and kick up my feet.

Later we went to the library. At the Muehl Public Library, Eli checked out Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Arianna was more concerned with seeing the two pet guinea pigs. I know she would have taken them home if she could—during their stay we visited the library two more times for books and pig viewing.

On Wednesday evening we four went to Music in the Park in Seymour. The polka music might not have been on Eli and Arianna’s Top Ten list still, they had fun. Grandpa Bob also treated them to popcorn and Dilly Bars—yum.

Eli driving with Grandma as co-pilot.

Each day the four of us took our golf carts out to look for deer. Since we have two carts, Bob and I split up and let the grandchildren drive. We guided them, of course, but mostly I was telling one or the other to slow down—“You can go faster when your mother or father is your copilot. Grandma prefers to go slow.”

The biggest event happened on Thursday when we took Arianna and Eli to Lambeau Field for their Classic Tour.

Grandpa Bob, Grandma Susan, Arianna, and Eli at Lambeau field.

Good thing most of the tour was inside because the children hadn’t packed for temperatures in the 60s. The damp chill took away some of their appreciation of the field, but they loved the echo emitted when our group yelled, “Go! Pack! Go!”

Summer isn’t quite over. Bob and I are considering a boat ride by Waupaca before autumn arrives. It has been a fun season—but we could still use RAIN!

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