Guardian angels of farm families a special breed

Mandie Tilderquist
Mandie Tilderquist says her family's guardian angels work overtime protecting husband, Eric (left) and their children (top left, clockwise) Max, Hank, Maggie and Jack.

To my family’s guardian angels, 

When my son jumped from one wagon to another 3 feet away yesterday, I realized that I’ve never truly thanked you. I’ve never really believed in you before. Isn’t God in control? Why would the Almighty need helpers?

Then I remembered how the Bible even talks about you… “He will command his angels, concerning you, to guard you in all of your ways.” Psalm 91:11a.

There have been so many times that I’ve watched with horror as my kids have been too close to augers or a tractor tire. When I’ve turned my back, they’ve jumped down from hay bales, stacked 7 feet high, resulting only resulted in a mild sprained ankle.

They’ve never been trampled when out in the barn with all the cows. Corn never buried them alive when we found them in the grain cart because they thought it was a good hiding spot. When they fell as toddlers, they always seemed to avoid the random scrap iron that was inches away. My son almost picked up a soldering iron, but we caught it just in time. He didn’t get extreme burns, thanks to you.

Do you remember that child (there might be two of you assigned to that one) that we couldn’t find for hours and were ready to call the police? He was safely sleeping under his bed, exhausted enough that he couldn’t hear us calling his name.

I think guardian angels of farm kids have to work overtime. Is your job truly ever done? I don’t know what this nervous mother of four would do without you.

Also, thank you so very much, for watching out for my husband. He is surrounded by danger on all sides. The cows could turn on him in an instant and they never have. An auger has never caught him and pulled him in.

Sometimes I swear I can see you surrounding him while he’s climbing the silo. You’re there with him inside, making sure he gets out safely. You fill his scarred lungs with the air he needs while he’s in the structure. When his aching body is threatening to quit, you keep it going. You keep his eyes open and alert so that he doesn’t fall asleep behind the wheel. You carry his tired feet and bring him home to me every night.

When I get to heaven, we’ll have to chat over a cup of coffee. You can tell me about all the times you saved my loved ones and prevented them from potential danger. Maybe we will even have a few laughs, especially about my fearless child who thinks he’s invincible. Until then, please keep up the good work. I am so grateful for all that you do and that God commanded you to watch over my family with Him, while here on this earth. 


A farm wife and mother