Doggie Vacation

Susan Manzke

For the second time this summer, we have a visiting grand-puppy on our farm. It’s the same one we had earlier this year — Jade, Rachel’s puggle.

Last time, our dog company was dropped off here. This time, we picked up Jade at her home. She was really ready for company as she hadn’t seen a human since a family friend had tended to her that morning.

Jade looked very sad. She hadn’t eaten any of her breakfast. I hoped she would settle down when we got back to our place.

During the two-hour drive home, Jade sat in the back seat with Bob’s sister, Ginny. The dog wasn’t a pest. The only thing that upset us humans was Jade’s moaning. Luckily, Jade tired herself out and slept a good portion of the drive.

At home, I was in charge of Jade, while Bob retrieved Sunny from the house. Both dogs needed walking.

Bob with Sunny and Jade, almost leaving enough room for Susan to join them for their evening ride.

Jade surprised me — almost pulling my arm off — as she attempted to go after a barn cat. Luckily, I was able to hold her. Who knows where she would have ended up if she had escaped?

Before entering the house with the extra dog, I rounded up our three house cats and tried to move them upstairs — Jade loves to chase them, too.

The cats were relaxing in their favorite spots in the living room. Their attitude to me when I called to relocate them was “Fat chance, Lady.” Then they heard Jade barking outside and changed their minds. At least for the week, they would be out of reach from that darn dog, or whatever word/s our cats referred to her by — probably something I couldn’t print.

Since Jade was a guest, we gave her special treatment. She got to play with Sunny’s squeaky tennis ball. Sunny didn’t mind too much. He hadn’t touched it for weeks, but for some reason he really wanted to play with it this week. Good thing he’s a sweet-tempered dog and no fights took place.

Bob and Susan join their grandchildren, Eli, Wyatt and Arianna, for birthday cupcakes.

During Jade’s last visit, we continued with cart rides with Sunny down the lane, leaving Jade in the house. I figured she didn’t know what she was missing, so she wouldn’t be sad. This time, Bob and I thought we’d add to her vacation and take her for a ride; if she didn’t behave it would be a short trip.

As usual, we had Sunny on the cart seat between Bob and me. Since Jade isn’t the best lapdog, we tried her sitting on the floor. This turned out to be a good location for her.

To our surprise, Jade liked riding on the cart floor. She stuck her nose out around the corner, so she’d catch the breeze, just like some dogs do when looking out an open car window.

Jade didn’t have the best view from her low location, but she didn’t mind; she didn’t know what she was missing. Jade seemed content sniffing all the different smells that came her way, and she would have barked if she saw the deer we came across. Sunny never barks; he just stares.

Every evening, Jade joined us for our cart ride. Soon she wasn’t content just having her muzzle sticking out. She wanted more and climbed on my foot to get a better look. Even with that boost, she still didn’t see much.

On Jade’s last ride, Bob drove over a little rise, and we came face to face with a young buck. The deer didn’t move, so I thought I’d give Jade a treat. I lifted her up onto my lap and hoped she’d see the deer.

At first, Jade just wiggled, but finally she saw him and barked. It took four barks from Jade before the deer stepped off our lane and into the woods — a good end to this dog’s vacation.

The following day we drove Jade home. She was extremely happy to see her family. She pulled on her leash with more enthusiasm than when she had seen a barn cat, and that’s saying something.

We then celebrated Eli and Arianna’s seventh birthday. All in all, it was a good week.

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