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Rob Zimmer
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Q: What are some good perennials for a dry, sunny location?

A: Many gardeners are challenged by hot sun, but there are a surprising number of perennials that do exceptionally well in these conditions, even at thriving there with little care. 

Some great plans for hot sunny locations are Russian sage, rattlesnake master, purple coneflowers, orange milkweed, bee balm, Black-eyed Susans, little bluestem, big bluestem, sea holly, rose campion, evening primrose, New England aster, blazing star and many more.

Q: When should I put my oriole feeders out?

A: There have already been reports of orioles back in several Wisconsin counties, so the time is now to get those oranges and jelly feeders ready to welcome these colorful songbirds back to our yards and gardens. 

Q: What do Luna moths eat?

A: Luna moth caterpillars host on a number of deciduous forest trees, such as Willow, Black Cherry, Shagbark Hickory and others.

Trees, therefore, are an important consideration when planning a butterfly garden.

Most people think of a butterfly garden as being filled with colorful blooms. However, the majority of butterfly and moth species actually host upon our forest and neighborhood trees.

This is another good reason not to apply toxic pesticides and chemicals, as these will not discriminate between good insects and bad.

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