Farm Show memories

Susan Manzke
Now Media Group

I'm not going to give a full report on the whole WPS Farm Show. It was too big, and I stayed in the Wisconsin State Farmer booth. Bob did venture out, but he's not writing. I'm going to tell you about our adventures in Oshkosh.

We had beautiful weather — for the first day. Of course, I couldn't sleep the night before, so getting up early wasn't a problem.

The booth was in a different location, but we found it in the North Tent without trouble. A lot of people found us, too.

Bob and I brought our special tall chairs from home for our own comfort. They are easier to get out of, so it is worth the hassle of carrying them in. When we got there, Bob set the chairs up on the wood chip-covered ground and sat down. That's when I looked over my shoulder and saw him tipping over.

The chairs have cross pieces on their legs that acted like rocking chair runners on the wood chips. As Bob leaned back, he lost his balance, and over he went.

My husband said it felt like slow motion. He couldn't stop himself, but he didn't get hurt either. The wood chips cushioned his fall, leaving him on his back still in a seated position on the chair. Bob looked like a turtle on his back with his legs kicking uselessly in the air.

Everyone went to help him. I knew he wasn't getting out of that chair, so I took hold of the legs and pulled it out from under him. From that point he was able to roll over, get to his knees, and then use the chair to hoist himself to his feet. He was laughing, so I knew he was fine.

From then on, we made sure the chair legs went beyond the wood chips and sat firmly on the ground. With that precaution, no other mishaps occurred.

Well, Bob did have another misadventure, but that began early that morning at home.

Since we were going to be meeting many column readers, Bob took the time to shave. He wasn't going to be his usual scruffy self at the Farm Show.

Bob doesn't shave daily, so when he does, he has been known to cut himself. This morning, he gave himself a pretty good cut on his chin.

I was in the other room, but I could hear him cursing. I didn't go rushing to his aid — well not until I heard him pause and then curse again, and again. By this time, my curiosity got the best of me, and I went to find out what was wrong.

Bob had a wad of bloody toilet paper pressed to his chin. The trouble was it wouldn't stay there. Bob takes an aspirin a day to thin his blood, and that sure was working.

He dropped the paper and reached for it, so more blood came from his cut. Soon he had blobs of red on his brand new T-shirt.

'Go sit down,' I told him as I picked up the paper. 'Stay put, and press on your chin until the bleeding stops.'

I took his bloody shirt and gave him another new one. It took quite a bit of scrubbing to get the red out, I'll tell you.

His cut wasn't much of a setback, and we got to the show with plenty of time to spare. Bob just started our outing with a special flair and gave me something to write about.

I had my guest book on the table at the show, and over 100 readers signed it. We had friends from Janesville, New Holstein, Whitelaw, Stevens Point, Reedsville, Pulaski, Columbus, Francis Creed, Sobieski, Weyauwega, Spencer, Omro, Clintonville, Plymouth, Black Creek, Seymour, Malone and Marshal, to name just a few.

One couple noticed neighbors had signed ahead of them. 'Wish we had known they were coming. We could have ridden together,' said the neighbor.

Thank you all for visiting and making the Farm Show special for Bob and me. Hope to see you next year, God willing.

FYI: I'll be speaking at the Black Creek Village Library, 507 S Maple St, Black Creek, WI, on April 14 at 6:30 p.m. It's free!

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