New ideas get dairy milk in consumers' hands

Wisconsin State Farmer
Letter to the editor

This letter is in response to the opinion piece, “I can’t believe what I’m reading,” published on Sept. 3.

I have seen a few articles and many comments recently about the new almond and dairy milk beverage, Dairy Plus Milk Blends by Dairy Farmers of America. I am a dairy farmer, (Dairy Farmers of America) DFA member, and also spend some of my time interacting with consumers and customers at farmers markets and craft fairs in southeastern Wisconsin. 

I am fascinated by the innovative steps agriculture as a whole has taken to make our food new and exciting, but also keep up with the growing demands of younger generations who crave adventure, convenience and nutrition.

Dairy Plus Milk Blends seems to be a product that can fit that bill and it contains 50% milk — bonus for us in the dairy industry! The research and statistics show that the almond beverage industry is strong and growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.

We know almond beverages have an appealing flavor but lack the nutrition of real dairy milk; hence the combination of almond flavor and nutritious dairy milk is a simple, innovative way to target non-dairy-drinking consumers. Is it possible to get consumers

who drink alternative beverages to return to our pure dairy milk? It sure is!

I fully support trying new ideas to get dairy milk in the hands of any and all consumers, and I do appreciate the dairy industry partnering and working with other facets of agriculture. It’s time to take back our dairy market, and I’m glad we can make almond “milk” real milk!

Shelly Grosenick, Watertown, WI