DATCP Board of Directors moving forward with public hearings on ATCP 51 revisions

Wisconsin Dairy Alliance

The Wisconsin Dairy Alliance (WDA) is disappointed that the DATCP Board authorized public hearings on proposed rule revisions to ATCP 51 (statewide livestock siting standards) at the Board’s meeting in Bowler, WI on July 10.

In a letter to the DATCP Board, WDA asked the Board to not authorize public hearings on revisions to ATCP 51, using the 2017 hearing draft version until substantial revisions requested by several statewide livestock associations were addressed. WDA believes that without significant overhaul of the rule it will negatively impact the future of the dairy industry in Wisconsin. 

It is extremely unfortunate that the concerns of State Leadership, the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance along with other statewide livestock associations and the largest group representing businesses in Wisconsin were disregarded. 

After five years of continued depressed milk prices and the loss of more dairy farm operations in Wisconsin than any other state in the nation, our already struggling dairy industry took another hit and a step backward in securing the longevity of the dairy industry in Wisconsin.