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Wisconsin Corn Growers: Year-round E-15 beneficial to consumers, producers

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association
Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

“It has long been our belief that allowing for year-round E15 sales is beneficial to both producers and consumers,” says Doug Rebout, WCGA President, regarding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcement allowing for the year-round sale of gasoline containing 15% ethanol (E-15), “We are grateful to the Administration and the EPA for finalizing this important rule, which will not only expand markets but also provide a cleaner, more cost-effective fuel option for consumers. In a time when our members are looking for any sign of good news or hope, this may just be it.”

According to the National Corn Growers Association, “higher blends of renewable fuels such as E15 reduce fuel prices for drivers by three to 10 cents per gallon and result in lower emissions, improving air quality and providing greater greenhouse gas reductions. Blending additional ethanol replaces some of the most harmful components in gasoline, and cleaner ethanol results in 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.”