Connect Americans Now Executive Director Richard T. Cullen released the following statement in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) release of a new report entitled “A Case for Rural Broadband: Insights on Rural Broadband Infrastructure and Next Generation Precision Agriculture Technologies.”

Among other findings, the report concluded that broadband connectivity and precision agriculture could produce economic benefits of $47 billion per year. 

“The importance of broadband connectivity and next generation precision agriculture tools for our nation’s farmers and ranchers cannot be overstated. As the report found, expanding broadband access on farms and ranches throughout the country could result in annual economic benefits of $47 billion per year. Secretary Perdue and the USDA should be applauded for the release of this report and their ongoing commitment to bridging the digital divide.

“In order to make the vast economic benefits outlined in this report a reality, it is important that the Federal Communications Commission quickly clears the regulatory barriers holding TV white spaces technology back and improves its data collection and broadband mapping methods.”  

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