Officials from the Progressive Agriculture Organization attended last week’s listening session in Washington DC involving the US House of Representatives Agriculture Committee and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. 

Before the session began, Arden Tewksbury, the manager of Pro-Ag, was able to get a personal letter to Secretary Perdue. The letter urged Secretary of Agriculture to take immediate action to help dairy farmers.

According to Pro-Ag, the total loss to our dairy farmers for each year for the last four years equals $12 billion. The loss each year to our rural economy is at least 60 billion dollars. 

Pro-Ag is urging the Secretary of Agriculture to take immediate action to help dairy farmers by:

1. Holding national milk hearings for dairy farmers, to give them an opportunity to illustrate how tough it is on our dairy farms. 

2. Pro-Ag is urging an emergency floor price of $20 per cwt. (hundred pounds of milk) to dairy farmers be placed under milk used to manufacture dairy products.

3. For the long-term, Pro-Ag is proposing the need of a new pricing formula that considers the dairy farmers’ cost of operation. Anything less than a new pricing formula will never solve the problems of dairy farmers.

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